Voice Blaster or Voice Message

Best Bulk Voice broadcasting Software or Voice Blaster

Loyotek- Voice blaster provides Bulk voice broadcast software for your business. Voice Broadcasting - Bulk Voice Call or Voice blaster system is an automated outgoing voice call service that delivers Pre-Recorded voice to a large number of people. Bulk Voice Call & Automated calls promotions allow mobile marketers to reach their clients with automated Pre-Recorded voice call applications. These can support multiple languages for large chunks. It's the best way to connect a wide range of customers by targeting them via their mobile. The working process of this is simple, in which customers receive a call then they listen to a message or inviting messages.

The messages can be

  • Inviting message
  • Offer and discount details
  • Welcome message to new customer
  • Festival wishes
  • Public awareness messages
  • Product launching message

It is not just broadcasting messages to your customer it's the best and cheapest way to Get In Touch with your valuable customers. While using our voice blaster service is cost-effective. Hence using our service will lead your business to aim and reach 1000 new leads without putting any manual work or efforts or a big value of a cost.

In this modern work, every business is get keep growing, so in business, the golden rules and main goal is to grab the new leads before the competitor could catch the leads. Then another golden rule is to keep retaining the existing customer. In business keeping the good bond with customers is good, The main thing is to keep our customers happy and satisfied with the service or product that we provide to them. The main way to keep them happy and satisfied with our service or product is a better communication that's why we say the most powerful one is a VOICE, using our voice service you can send your messages to your customer without manual works.

Professional Places


Coffee Shop





Amusement park




Educational Institutions

Where we will use our Voice Blaster

There are many places where we are using our voice blaster


In hospitals, our service is used to get feedback from your patients about how they feel about your hospital environment and we can get feedback about your treatment experiences. In any health issue getting recovered is a big thing but at the same time after the recovery how they feel and wishing them is the best thing to make them energetic, We offer our services to give your wishes to your recovered patients after they get discharged. We can also confirm the patient's appointment at your hospital. Now its digital revolution, so immediate communication between hospitals and patients is the best way.

Real Estate

In real estate business, We must be as quick as light waves. So we must talk to customers simultaneously. So important thing keep in touch with the customer, to satisfy them . Your customers can have a lot of questions and doubts but make a call to everyone is a difficult one. Failing to answer their questions are result in losing the customer. To avoid these faults, use our voice blaster to automatically sends the prepared answers for the frequently asked questions to your customer without putting lot of money, time and effort. With no manpower you can sell your property easily. This is increase your revenue.

Educational Institution

In this busy world the professors or Institutions need automated services for reducing manpower. We can't spend time for professors, for sending information or for remainders. Our service used to make a remainder to parents about their meeting with the professor. Can send a alert and awareness messages to parents. Everyday should not be the same in case you need to change your pre planned meeting at the time we will be there with you to send to your changed schedules to your students and their parents too. For the educational institutions the new admission is a important thing to keep a good record of your institutions, we also provide promo offers to your organization.


Voice blaster for restaurants is perhaps the most effective strategy for engaging customers and boosting sales. Loyotek provides restauranteurs, café owners, and those in the food service industry with a convenient, easy-to-use our platform. Voice calls enables you to connect with customers about new dishes and restaurant news, Offers and even confirm reservation times. The restaurant industry is a quick-moving business. People don’t think too much about what they’re buying when their stomach is growling. Catching them at the right time can significantly boost sales. Nowadays we are preparing new dishes. We can announce your customers about new dishes and new offers, to visit them again and again

Saloon & Parlour

In saloon and Parlour allows you to improve your customer experience by facilitating a booking that a customer has already agreed on. Here are some example of features of Voice blaster are Booking confirmations, Appointment reminders,Review requests, Thank you messages, No-show rebooking. The appointment reminders can have a significant impact on your business. Voice Blaster for salon is a real way to stay in touch with regular customers and attract new ones, increase revenue and customer loyalty. We will give about their Booking, Charges, Offers & Scheduled, on their mobile.

Event managements

Voice Blaster helps to get ahead of your competitors by quick informing regular or potential customers about your services, news, offers. There are so many different elements that must come together to make an event a success. In the midst of a busy schedule, even the slightest miscommunication can take away valuable time. This is where bulk text messaging will come to the rescue and allows the entire team of planners to start an open line of communication with just a automated voice messages. It encourages everyone to be proactive and keep a close eye on things to make sure it’s on track.