Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing is one of the methods used by Companies to promote their Brand and their products with short and effective promotional content. With decreasing Mobile carrier Costs, SMS Marketing is Cost effective techniques. SMS Marketing is far the quickest and the most productive way to communicate your business to your customers. Text message marketing is increasing more effective communication tool to reach your customers. Use bulk SMS software to increase your Brand awarness , optimise your communications and enhance customer journey. Engage with your customer with just a Plain text. Its a Simple and Fast way way to communicate with low cost. Mobile Marketing is an advanced technique to reach your target audience on their phones. Since the usage of Mobile Phones has been increased nowadays, it is important for a business growth.It is used in Start-ups, SME's and by most of the Brands. With our bulk marketing services, Your Business is able to contact many potential customers around the world.

Bulk SMS Marketing is a easy way for communicating with a wide range of customers using Mobile Technology. With our Bulk SMS Marketing services, Your Business is able to contact many potential customers around the world. SMS Marketing is the most accurate and direct way to reach your customers all over the world. It has limitless reach across the world. SMS Marketing will make your business to reach high with huge audience. Before Mobile Marketing Campaigns, we must taken in-depth look into your business requirements & we must a make a strategy, for this campaigns. We want to do this because we must know each & every businesses are different. So we need different Marketing strategies for success in your business.

The messages can include

  • Appointments
  • Discount Coupons
  • Alerts
  • Special Offers
  • Announcement of Products
  • Sales Promotions

Some of the places where commonly used SMS Marketing

There are many places where we are using our SMS Marketing

Recruitment Agencies

Business people are aware of SMS marketing has become the fastest way to reach your target audience. Its simple and very effective marketing strategy for recruitment agencies. You can use Bulk SMS marketing for your benefits. SMS can allow you for rapid communication for a new opportunities to your candidate database.

Retail Shop

Retail shops are started to use mobile marketing more effective through SMS Marketing. SMS can help to keep you connected with your customers. Being a retailer you can use Bulk SMS to raise awareness of your business. You can use SMS to keep customers up to date on the latest products, promotions, product launches and updates.

Events Management

Organising an event takes a lot of time and a more effort on work, especially when it comes to informing people about the event, its take more time. By sending an alert before the event, it will improve the attendance. This sets the perfect platform for your brand or business in your locality. This sets the perfect platform for your business.

Hotels and Guest Houses

Hotels and Guest Houses can use SMS for many different reasons. From pre-visit messages till getting feedback about your place. You can directly send offers and discounts to your customer’s mobile number. You can draw customers by sending messages to your target audience. Sending messages to follow up on your customers, thanking them for their visit and wishing them safe journey.

E-Commerce sites

Nowadays E-Commerce sites uses SMS for their entire process. They uses for informing about sales, promotions, discounts and hot deals. Customers want to know about their order tracking, when the order has been placed and order has been dispatched etc. You can send them a feedback message too. To send an information as a notification in messages for reminding their product in cart.


SMS marketing is a perfect way for Restaurants to visit their customers again. You can easily send out text messages to the customers to know offers on foods. A lot of restaurants will ask customers to fill out their review about the restaurants and foods, this is a perfect opportunity to gain customers phone numbers. Sending out daily specials offers through SMS is a quick and simple way to let your customers know.


School has best way to do this is to use an SMS portal. We can send a text message to every single parent in the school. We can send a marks, home-works, parents meetings and students behaviour report also. SMS have the open the message and read it. You can also SMS for many purposes in School. Bulk SMS allows teachers and school authorities to keep the parents informed about ongoing school activities. Parents can contribute a lot and have a positive influence on their child's academic performance.

Health And Beauty

This can be a fantastic business opportunity for you and your shop to visit the customer again. You can let your customers know when you have special deals and offers, but you can also just send a particular message to relevant customer also. When owning a Spa or Beauty Salon, you can tell the customers if they need a specific stylist is available or not. One way in which SMS marketing can be used is by sending out reminders to clients with upcoming appointments. This is a great feature for the business.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate for instant interaction with your target audience. Research shows that 82% of the Indian consumers like receiving promotional SMS. Real Estate Agents can communicate with the house-buyers in an easy way by messaging property information. Information about any new property can be delivered in a flash to mobile phones at anytime. Send SMS attachments with property information and automate replies to help clients decide faster. Stop wasting time on tasks that can be automated.