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We cannot stop time, but we can most definitely delay it. We provide a combination of medicine- and skill-based methods personalised to your skin type making your face look and feel younger. We aim to clear up lines as much as possible leaving you to feeling confident both inside and out.

Dark Circles

Heavy bags under the eyes steal a few years from you besides making you look tired and haggard. Undereye dark circles are increasingly seen even in young people these days, owing to altered sleep patterns and prolonged screen time. With the proper assessment and targeted treatment, the under-eye area can be treated making you look fresher and healthier. The treatment will result in a fresher look and a younger you.

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive facial hair is a problem that most women face. It plays on their confidence and makes them feel uncomfortable, especially when the hair is coarse and dark. We provide painless procedures that can eliminate unwanted hair with utmost comfort.

Double Chin Management

Treatment of the double chin can give your face a great profile. With the right lifestyle changes accompanied by a few researched techniques, we can tackle your double chin problem, managing it to a large extent.

Aesthetic Facial Assessment

The idea of beauty is hardwired in our brains that we seek beauty even in random patterns. Facial aesthetics is fascinatingly linked with mathematics and ratios. By assessing the face shape, features and its dynamics, we point out the strengths of one’s face and advise options that may be an enhancement to highlight certain features. Face alignment is a methodology that identifies the geometric structure of human faces digitally. Keeping the shape and size of your face automatically determines the shape of the face components such as the eyes, nose and chin. There are 2 aspects to aesthetic assessment, one of which is to enhance facial features and the other is to correct changes to bring more harmony to an ageing face.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Ageing is as natural as growing. It is genetically programmed and regulated, but definitely accelerated or decelerated by our lifestyle and environment. Although we can only see the effects on the skin, the causes of facial ageing are deeper and need to be addressed. To effectively tackle each of these layers, various treatment modalities are needed. The best treatment plan starts with good patient education. We treat it similarly and build the bone-to-skin treatment plan and work on maintaining your youthful skin for a more extended period.

Facial Slimming

A ‘V’ shaped jawline is aesthetically more pleasing and a sought-after feature of a young face. Most people are unaware that non-surgical and simple treatments can bring about great results.

Sagging Jawline

A sagging jawline is formed by the loss of elasticity and the effect of gravity on deeper tissues of the face. Early intervention can restore the triangle of youth. Non-surgical and non-invasive methods for effective correction are available.

Best Skin Care Clinic in Chennai

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