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An annoying issue that begins for most during puberty and sometimes persists beyond adolescence is the acne. Right treatment and proper care can reduce the flare-ups. Therefore, a thorough assessment of the skin and change in the lifestyle play a key role in the treatment of acnes. Treatment plans are tailored to each individual in accordance with the severity of the issue.

Acne Scars

Acne scars management is a lot more complex than the acne itself. Scars are classified according to their shape, size, colour and matched with the right treatment option for each. With the right treatment plan and a combination of procedures, the scarring will be diminished to a large extent.

Dilated Pores

Today with new technology Halos provides harmless options to tighten pores and give life to the skin making it glow.

Skin Tags, Warts and Allergies

Skin tags and warts mean two different things. Warts are infective viral lesions, while skin tags are small excrescences of the skin that often occur around the folds. Warts can be resistant to certain treatments and require a combined approach. Painless removal of skin tags makes it one of the most requested treatments at Halos.

Stretch Marks

With upgraded technologies and a combination approach, treating stretch marks is a possibility today.

Dull Skin

Personalised skin care regimen and simple treatments will bring back life to a dull skin that has borne the brunt of environmental pollution and changing lifestyles.

Other Treatments:

Face Treatment

Hair Treatment

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