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Admissions now open for Interior Designing & Event Management

Course Features

Duration 4 Months
Skill Level Beginner
Certificate Yes
Assessments Yes

Enrolled:302 Student Enrolled

Course Time:4 Months

Event Management

Course Objective

Duration : 4 Months

At the end of this course, you will be able to describe: Basics of Event Design & Management Types of Events Event Planning, Budgeting, Marketing and Execution Client Management and post event feedback.

"Event Management" is a form of project management that involves visualizing, conceptualizing, planning, creation and organizing events such as conferences, concerts, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties or conventions.


Corporate Events (MICE):

  • 01Board Meetings
  • 02Rewards and Recognition Programs
  • 03Seminars
  • 04Teleconferencing Events
  • 05Medical Conferences
  • 06Product Launch

Community Events:

  • 01Independence Day
  • 02Diwali
  • 03Onam
  • 04Dandiya Event
  • 05Christmas
  • 06Ramzan
  • 07Iftar Parties
  • 08Halloween

Educational Events:

  • 01Seminars & Fests at colleges
  • 02School Sports Day, Annual Day & other functions
  • 03Science Fair
  • 04Inter College Sports & Cultural meets

Public Events / Campaigns:

  • 01Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • 02Concerts
  • 03Medical Awareness

  • Campaigns:

  • 01Social awareness Marathons
  • 02Human Chain for Traffic Awareness Day

Family Events:

  • 01Weddings
  • 02Baby Shower
  • 03Wedding Anniversaries
  • 04Birthday Parties

Special Events:

  • 01Award Functions
  • 02Fashion Shows
  • 03Brand Communications Events
  • 04Cultural Events
  • 05Cosplay Events

Event Genres

  • 01Traditional
  • 02Modern
  • 03Culture
  • 04Formal
  • 05Casual
  • 06Fun
  • 07Outdoor
  • 08Themed
  • 09Seasonal
  • 10Holiday
  • 11Beach
  • 12Sports

The Five C's of Event Management:

  • 01Event Concept
  • 02Event Coordination
  • 03Event Control
  • 04Event Culmination
  • 05Event Closeout

EVENT Registration

  • 01Creating website to add details as they become available.
  • 02Through website create an online event registration process to manage RSVPs and attendance.

Venue Management

Keep the team informed of progress and timings in different rooms so that adjustments can be made if necessary.

  • 01Notify the venue/catering ASAP of any changes.
  • 02Triple check all branded elements.
  • 03After the event, package, label, transport and store branded items that can be reused next year.
  • 04Check flipcharts, markers, post-it notes and so forth are ready in the relevant rooms. Test/check radio contact and mobile numbers for the key venue staff.
  • 05Brief the team on key timings, such as cloakroom opening, refreshments being available, water being brought onto the stage.
  • 06Check sound, lighting, presentations, video, cues, and technology during the rehearsal/briefing.
  • 07Agree specifics such as cues, signals, which will collect from the green room and so forth.
  • 08Ensure you know how to ensure participant comfort. How do you operate the blinds, air con, heating, lights, etc.
  • 09Do final tests and checks, including run through with facilitators and presenters who will be using it.
  • 10Introduce performers and speakers to the stage manager and AV team.
  • 11At the end of the event, get copies of final presentations (there may have been changes made on site).
  • 12Check toilets are clean, fully operable and stocked with soap, toilet roll and hand towels.
  • 13Event Completion as per agenda.
  • 14Ensure to carry out event as listed in the agenda.
  • 15Follow timelines as mentioned in the agenda to ensure smooth operation of event.
  • 16Create contingency plans in order to handle situations like a last minute revision to the agenda during the event.

POST EVENT(Event Wrap-up)

  • 01Set up a debrief meeting with the venue. Ensure the final bill tallies with expectations and authorizations on site.
  • 02Update the website and registration page with details for the event next year.
  • 03Finalize budget, including any expenditure authorized during the live event.
  • 04Work hard to continue the buzz, conversation and learning around the event.
  • 05Issue a post event press release.
  • 06Coordinate with the photographer any specific images you need to be turned around as priority, to issue alongside the press release.
  • 07Promote the date and venue for next year's event.
  • 08Let people know through all channels when tickets are on sale and post event collateral has been added.
  • 09Share the highlights video. Client's Feedback & Thank You Note