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Niveena Homeo Clinic is a renowned healthcare center located in the bustling city of Chennai. With a steadfast commitment to providing the best in homeopathic care, our clinic has gained recognition as one of the "Top three Homeopathic Clinics in the city", as awarded by ThreeBestRated.in. We are proud to have earned this esteemed title, a testament to our dedication to excellence and patient satisfaction.

Our Mission

At Niveena Homeo Clinic, our mission is to offer safe, effective, and natural healing solutions to our patients. We firmly believe in the power of homeopathy to stimulate the body's innate healing mechanisms and promote holistic well-being. Our team of highly skilled and experienced homeopaths is passionate about providing personalized care, addressing not only the symptoms but also the root cause of ailments.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier destination for homeopathic care in Chennai, known for our commitment to excellence, compassionate approach, and holistic healing. We envision a future where natural healing through homeopathy is widely recognized and embraced as a mainstream healthcare choice.


Dr. V. Jaya Rao, a true pioneer of Homeopathy in Tamil Nadu. Alongside notable colleagues Dr. Kumbakonam Bahola and Thiruvarur Srinivasan, he formed the formidable trio known as the "Trident of Homeopathy" among the elder generation.

Dr. V. Jaya Rao embarked on a unique journey to become a renowned Homeopath. Initially, he served in the Army but faced a life-altering fire accident during his service. This setback redirected his path, leading him to the quaint town of Nellikuppam in Cuddalore District.

It was through serendipity that Dr. V. Jaya Rao discovered Homeopathy, thanks to the influence of his friends and its popularity in Kolkata, West Bengal. Eager to learn, he ventured to Kolkata and absorbed the essence of Homeopathy. Armed with newfound knowledge, he returned to Tamil Nadu, ready to make a difference.

Setting up his practice in Nellikuppam, Dr. V. Jaya Rao quickly gained recognition. His passion for Homeopathy led him to offer classes to eager learners, spreading the wisdom of this holistic healing approach among the masses.

He took it a step further by establishing a Homeopathic institute, where he instilled his ideology and principles into aspiring Homeopaths. In the world of Early Homeopathy, there were two categories of doctors: "Institutionally qualified Homeopathic practitioners" and "registered experienced-based Homeopathic practitioners." Dr. V. Jaya Rao stood firmly by the latter group, helping them shine in the realm of Homeopathy.

In a monumental achievement, Dr. V. Jaya Rao played a pivotal role in securing government registration for experienced-based Homeopathic doctors in Tamil Nadu during the early 70s. His dedication didn't stop there; he also served as an elected member of the "Tamil Nadu State Homeopathic Council" and contributed significantly to the advancement of Homeopathy. His influence extended to the establishment of a government Homeopathy college in Thirumangalam, Madurai.

Today, Dr. V. Jaya Rao's legacy lives on through his son, Dr. J. Guru Vara Prasath, and grandsons, Dr. G. Nirmal and Dr. G. Arvind Babu. They continue to play vital roles in furthering the cause of Homeopathy in Tamil Nadu, carrying forward the torch lit by their illustrious patriarch. Dr. V. Jaya Rao's impact on the field of Homeopathy remains a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

Dr. J Guru Vara Prasath - The Homeopathy Luminary

Born in 1951 in the quaint town of Nellikuppam, nestled in Cuddalore District, Dr. J Guru Vara Prasath started his journey as a small-town boy with big dreams. Little did anyone know that he would later emerge as the face of Homeopathy in Tamil Nadu, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

In the mid-70s, long before the advent of BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), Dr. Prasath completed his SHMS (a precursor to modern homeopathic education) in Hyderabad. His thirst for knowledge and dedication to the art of healing were apparent from the start.

In the early 80s, he made the bold move to Chennai, even while owning a homeopathic medicines manufacturing unit in Nellikuppam. His true passion lay in clinical practice, where he excelled day by day. Patients flocked to his clinic, including notable figures from the worlds of politics and media. His expertise was not confined to the clinic; he penned insightful articles in Tamil weekly magazines.

One of his favorite and most popular topics was "ராசிகேற்ற மருந்து" (derived from the burgeoning field of astro-biochemistry). He penned a series in the weekly magazine "தாய்" on this subject for an astounding 100 weeks, setting a record in the process.

During the zenith of his clinical practice, Dr. Prasath was presented with a unique opportunity - to contest in elections conducted by the CCH (Central Council of Homeopathy), Government of India, falling under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Remarkably, he not only won once but twice, earning a coveted seat on the Central Council of Homeopathy.

Within the council, he served on various committees, including the executive committee, finance committee, and registration committee. Notably, he was entrusted with inspecting homeopathy colleges, with permission granted based on his final reports. Dr. Prasath was known for his encouragement, ensuring that colleges complied with CCH norms, thus contributing significantly to the growth of homeopathic colleges, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Drawing from his extensive clinical experience, he ventured into the world of homeopathic manufacturing, establishing "Dr. V J Rao Pharma," named in honor of his father, Dr. V J Rao. This venture, too, met with success.

Throughout his life, Dr. J Guru Vara Prasath remained dedicated to the welfare of Homeopathy in Tamil Nadu. His legacy lives on through his sons, Dr. G Nirmal, MD.,PhD, and Dr. G Arvind Babu, MD, who continue to carry the torch of his remarkable contributions to the field. Dr. Prasath's influence and impact in the world of Homeopathy remain an enduring testament to his unwavering commitment to healing and holistic well-being.

Dr. G Nirmal and Dr. G Arvind Babu-Continuing a Legacy of Healing

Dr. G Nirmal, the elder son of the esteemed Dr. J Guru Varaprasath, and Dr. G Arvind Babu, the younger son, are the torchbearers of a rich legacy in Homeopathy.

Both brothers have distinguished themselves by completing their post-graduation in Homeopathy. Dr. Nirmal, in particular, stands out as a research scholar, holding a Ph.D. in Homeopathy—a rare and commendable achievement in the entire nation.

Dr. Nirmal's commitment to Homeopathy extends beyond academics. He ventured into the world of homeopathic elections, securing victory with the unwavering support of homeopathic practitioners across the state. Entrusted with the responsibility of inspecting various colleges, he played a pivotal role in granting permissions to numerous colleges across India, contributing significantly to the growth of Homeopathy education.

Driven by his passion for Homeopathy, Dr. Nirmal founded "Niveena Homeo Clinic," situated in Ayanavaram, Chennai. The clinic has thrived under his expert care, offering the benefits of Homeopathy to countless individuals.

The Legacy Continues

Dr. G Nirmal and Dr. G Arvind Babu represent the third generation in the field of Homeopathy. Their unwavering dedication to the cause of Homeopathy knows no bounds.
At Niveena Homeo Clinic, they prioritize the treatment of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, psoriasis, infertility, rheumatism, hair fall, and hypertension. Their commitment to holistic healing shines through in every patient they serve.

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Extend your hand to us, and together, we'll work wonders through the power of Homeopathic medicine. With a legacy spanning 75 years in the field of Homeopathy, and the determination to continue for another 100 years and beyond, the future of Homeopathy is in safe and capable hands.

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We consulted Dr.Nirmal one year back for my son for his various health condition and now he is improved a lot. As a result Dr. Nirmal has become our family Doctor. My BP was very high for many years. But as on date my BP level has become normal. Thanks to to Doctor Nirmal. Now my wife is taking treatment for ortherities. Beyond Doctor now he has become our family friend. Last but not least he is service minded than money minded. Thanks to almighty.

Jayakumar Js

Sir is amazing.Many doctors recommended me for immediate operation or my polyps can turn into cancer one day.I was afraid of getting operated.I was in chennai for some more allopathy opinions but a day before when I was about to leave chennai ,God connects me to him.My polyps is cured now.Sir ask for 6 months to one and half year time.And within one and half year my disease is cured.A big thank you to him.He is very friendly and down to earth person. Soon my treatment was started ,India announced lockdown to fight against covid19.He was available through phone many a times when I was in need and he kept sending me medicines through courier in pandemic as well.Me and my family trust him completely.Once again we would like to thank you sir.May God bless you always.He is undoubtedly one of the best doctors in India. Lots of love Vishal

Vishal Jain

Dr. Nirmal is a really great Homeopathy doctor. His medicines worked out well in many problems such as Kidney stones and back muscle spasm. I suffered in muscle spasm quite some time. But now I cured 90%. My wife was suffering from kidney stones for the past 4 years. Now she has no symptoms in kidney stones. We both have been taking treatment from him for the past two years. Very good results in both ailments. Please reach him for your unsolved medical problems which can be solved with in a month. Best wishes Doctor.

Jayaraman A

Met him for mouth ulcer and pre menstural tension. Much improvement i felt after onemonth course of medication. He is skilled, friendy and the best. I still remember when i called (for the first time) for UTI, he asked me to try few things at home and come to clinic only if it goes beyond to my tolerance level. i felt much relief by that home remedies. This is first time i am experiencing with the doctor like this.Thanks a lot sir.

sarojini gunaseelan

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