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M Sand

M-Sand is a replacement of natural river sand made artificially from hard granite stone by crushing. M-sand is cubical in shape and edges are rounded. After crushing, the sand is clearly washed and graded properly for using as construction material.

P Sand

P-SAND is used for Wall plastering and brick work purposes. The granule thickness is 150 microns to 2.38 mm is ideal for block masonry and plastering purposes.


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We Are Professional, Competitive And Competent In Our Service

Manufactured In Factories Under Supervision

Moisture Is Available Only In Water Washed M Sand

Higher Concrete Strength When Compared To River Sand

Silt Content Is Zero

A Soil Containing More Than 85 Percent Sand-Sized Particles By Mass.

P Sand Stands For Plastering Sand.

This Differences In The Particle Sizes Are Based On The WENTWORTH Scale.

Marine Products Is 0%

M Sand Manufactures in Chennai

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