IFA Solutions


IFA Solutions

4S Business Support specialises in providing skilled staffing resources to manage and execute financial and administrative tasks within your financial advisory practice. We provide specialists who are trained to handle the complexities of financial services, ensuring high standards of accuracy and compliance.

    Below are some of the services provided:

  • 1. Management of Letters of Authority (LOAs): Our outsourced experts can efficiently handle the submission and follow-up on LOAs, ensuring expedited processing.
  • 2. Analysis of Ceding Policies: We source specialists who analyse existing policies to optimise benefits and identify potential issues.
  • 3. ISA/Pension Transfers: Our subcontracted specialists manage the transfer processes, handling client investments precisely.
  • 4. Provider Liaison: We provide dedicated staff to liaise with providers, ensuring that all necessary documents and information are obtained promptly.
  • 5. Client Documentation: Our team can source staff who can prepare and manage comprehensive client documentation, including newsletters and periodic review reports, to keep clients informed and engaged.

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